1. You must pay in full your order to be able to attend the event.

2. Your payment in full entitles you to:

  • Attend the event during the hours and location it is held.
  • Receive a copy of any materials if applicable.

3. We may change the hours, dates and/or location of the event for any reason by notifying you by email of the changes.

4. You will have the opportunity to review and confirm your order including billing address, payment method and delivery address.

5. We will send you a notice when we accept your order and the contract for sale will be made and become binding on both you and us at that time.

Transferring Tickets

6. In the event that you are unable to attend the event you have paid for, you can transfer your ticket to a nominated new attendee subject to notifying us and providing us with their full contact details before the event starts. The new attendee must also meet any relevant pre-course criteria as applicable before the event starts.

Registration Obligations

7. It is expected that you will supply true and accurate information about yourself when registering and buying tickets. Your safety and privacy is a concern and is addressed in our Privacy Statement (seen above). You must be at least 18 years of age to register and purchase tickets.


8. If, at any time or for whatever reason, you decide you do not wish to attend the event, you will not be eligible for a refund of any monies you have paid to us under this agreement.

Ticket Sale & Resale

9. Event tickets may not be resold or be offered for resale at a premium (including via online auction sites), either by the original purchaser or any subsequent bearer without written consent of the promoter. If a ticket is sold or used in breach of this condition, the ticket may be cancelled without a refund and the bearer of the ticket may be refused admission.

Force Majeure

10. If the event purchased by this agreement is cancelled because of an act of God, an inevitable accident, fire, blackout, flood, any other calamity or events beyond the direct control of both parties, then the promoter may at its option either postpone the event from the original date and location, or cancel and refund the ticket price minus any processing and facility fees.


11. All notices or other communications must be made to:
Get Motivated

12. The non-exercise of or delay in exercising any power or right of a party does not operate as a waiver of that power or right, nor does any single exercise of any power or right preclude any other or further exercise of it; or the exercise of any power or right. A power or right may only be waived in writing, signed by the party to be bound by the waiver.

13. Should any provision of this agreement be held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be unlawful, invalid, and unenforceable or in conflict with any rule, statute, ordinance or regulation the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions will not be affected.

14. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties. Any prior arrangement, agreement, representations or undertakings are superseded.